A luxurious and unique approach to celebrating your big day. It's like a paint and sip, but for your lips!

Embrace the extraordinary. celebrate in style.

How it works

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Choose your lips

Choose from any three of our luxury kit packages for you and your attendees. Our complete kits contain everything that you will need to follow along with our beauty specialist as you are led into creating unique lipstick combinations that will get you outside of your box while expanding your lipstick wardrobe.


Choose your Sip

What’s a lip and sip without something to sip on? Each lip and sip party comes with a complete drink bar! Choose between our selected drinks and enjoy your favorite beverage as you gather with your special friends and toast to your new skill in Ombre lip combinations.

Choose your theme

What’s your favorite candy or sweet? Imagine a whimsical setting inspired by your favorite candy or dessert. Be Candy’s event designs offer a unique approach to event decor that will leave you and your guests in awe.


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