About Us

 In 1993 my father, Randy M. Walker, invented 41 flavors of Cotton Candy. He opened a huge store in San Jose, CA where he sold Cotton Candy, Candy apples, Gourmet caramel apples, saltwater taffy, flavored ices and flavored sodas in which he called "fizzers.” When he passed away in 2006, I wanted to continue his dream, however I wouldn’t say I intended on following in his exact footsteps. My passion for beauty and cosmetics started in 2009. For years I was in search of the perfect matte lipstick, yet every brand that I tried either came off too easily or made my lips feel dry! This left me feeling frustrated and insecure when wearing lipstick. In 2017 I formulated my own vegan matte liquid lipstick that is long wear and moisturizing. In efforts to incorporate my fathers legacy, I combined the candy idea with cosmetics and decided to call my lipsticks "Lollisticks" naming each one after the tasty treats that my father had in his candy store.

My goal for this company is to end the search for the perfect matte lipstick that will not leave your lips feeling dry or cracked. A woman should feel confident that whenever she applies her lipstick, it is going to be there until she is ready to take it off without compromising the softness of her natural lips. Be Candy encourages all women that there is nothing that they can not do. Sometimes when you cant find what you are looking for, you gotta create your own path and bring freedom to those that are around you.