A taste of something new

As human beings we are all filled up with ideas, aspirations, dreams and goals. Yet we fail to realize that those very things will stay trapped inside of us as an idea or hopeful thought unless we take a leap of faith and start to move forward. I have had the idea of Be Candy Cosmetics for about 5yrs. I had all of my ideas written down, and even prototypes of how I wanted my Lollisticks to look. As crazy as it sounds, I allowed fear to hold me back and keep me from launching my brand. Why was I scared? I kept on worrying about what others might think, who would and wouldn’t approve and if it would even take off like I expected. As time went on, the passion for my brand got so strong that I had no choice but to move forward. I stopped caring about what others thought and gathered strength, courage and faith from God to take the biggest leap of faith that I had ever taken in my whole life. In this new chapter, I have to say that I have so much peace. My brand has already inspired so many people and I’ve received excellent reviews. I encourage you today my sweet treats... whatever it is that you dream to do, with the help of God you can do it! Fear is a lie and a trick to keep you in the same place because it knows that your dream, vision and purpose will inspire others to live out theirs. As we step into this new year of 2020, keep moving forward in your craft. Don’t stop no matter how hard it gets! You can do it, simply because you were created to.

- Bmarie 

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