Is Starting a business worth it?

I asked myself over and over if starting a business was worth it before I decided to take the leap and do it. There were so many factors that I had to consider regarding my new venture such as not knowing where to begin, not having enough finances and the fear of my idea not even working out. 

There was one thing that I just couldn't ignore though. I had this feeling of something pushing me towards starting. There were days that I would go into work and not be able to focus because the thought of launching my own lipstick brand was like a fire inside of me. It even got to the point of it being hard to sell other lipsticks because I knew what I had to offer would truly solve the problems that other women were experiencing. I had the answer, and I was being selfish by not sharing it. 

I know there are more individuals like me who are asking themselves if starting a business is worth it, and my answer to all of those people is yes. Although it is not an easy journey, It is worth it because whatever idea that God has placed inside of you has purpose and is going to help someone. 

The worst thing that someone can do is live their life never knowing what that one idea would have done, or who it could have saved. Even something as simple as lipstick. I know it may seen like something small, yet this brand has helped and inspired so many people. It has encouraged them and given them confidence more than I ever could have imagined. 

If you are trying to decide weather or not you should start your business, I'd say go for it my friend. Start small and build from there. If it does not work out, then at least you can say that you tried, and you will be able to add value to someone else's life by sharing with them what you learned. It's a win win. So is starting a business worth it? Yes indeed it is.

- Bmarie 

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